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Turn an email message into a calendar event (contact, task, or note)

E-mail messages contain data you can use to generate new appointments or tasks. If you manually copy-and-paste that information into another application... STOP!

When you receive a message that contains this type of information, simply drag the message from the message list to the Calendar or Tasks shortcut near the bottom of the navigation pane. If the shortcut isn't there, drag the message to the smaller icon at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Outlook will open a new form, accordingly, filling in the new form's Subject text with the e-mail's subject. In addition, Outlook copies the message text, including the header. For calendar events/invites you need to set date, time, and scheduling options, but dragging the message to the appropriate shortcut gets you started without having to open another application window.

When you're done, click Save and Close. Even if you delete the actual message, you still have it in the new appointment or task.

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