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How to Deal with "Top Secret" and Other Unwanted Watermarks


This issue is seen most often on Mac computers, and most often when printing to the Pharos (student cost-per-copy) printers, although it could possibly show up on any platform printing to any printer.


Unwanted text or images, including red text reading "TOP SECRET," appear on print-outs. These marks do not appear on the application doing the printing.


The print settings for the Pharos printer (and other printers) includes the ability to print watermarks on each page of a printout. These settings may become enabled through an unknown mechanism.


On a Mac:

  1. Go File and then Print.
  2. Change the third pull-down menu from Copies & Pages to Printer Features. New options should appear below.
  3. In Feature Set, choose Watermarks 1.
  4. Make sure no watermark is selected.
  5. Do the same for Watermarks 2.
  6. You can now print your document.

On a Windows computer:

  1. Go to File and then Print.
  2. Select the Pharos printer and then click Preferences.
  3. On the Printing Preferences screen, click Watermarks.
  4. Make sure the pull-down menu in the Watermark section shows "None."
  5. Make sure the pull-down menu in the Image Stamp section shows "None."
  6. Click OK and then Print.

Note: The menus and options may be different when dealing with non-Pharos printers.

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