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How to add another account to Outlook


Your department had a departmental email account, you are the owner of the sponsor account and/or you want to add it to your current email with the ability to switch from your profile to the department account to send emails.


Step 1:

If you are the sponsor of the account at first set up you must:
Make sure you log out of your machine under your profile and log back in with the sponsored account setting up the first time login prior to anything else. You will need to log into the account and set the alias email to what you want.
You can then also change your password and set it up as a first time user. Make sure to set up the security questions so you can reset password if you get locked out.

Step 2

If the account has been set up and you have been added by the sponsor with permissions to access account. Skip Step 1 and Go to Step 3.

Step 3

1. Log onto machine under your profile.
2. Right click start and click control panel
3. User account
4. Mail (outlook 2013)
5. Show profiles
6. Add
7. Type the Profile name (Example: Pharmacy Admissions)
8. Ok (should ask for sponsor password) and close

Step 4
1. Open Outlook 2013
2. File
3. Account settings
4. Account settings
5. New
6. Add the email you want
7. Should ask for sponsored password.

You will receive a notice that it is populating the contents and that it may take a couple minutes. This should now populate and you will see it under the left side column.

Note: If the newly added account appears in Outlook but you do not see it's Inbox then you'll need to talk with the owner of that account to grant you access to the Inbox.

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