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How to add another account to Outlook


Your department had a departmental email account and you want to check its email. How do you check it in Outlook?


In Outlook it is possible to check departmental as well as other user's email. To do so you'll need to add those accounts into your Outlook profile. Follow the illustrations below:

Open Control Panel from Start menu

Click on Mail (you may need to select Small icons (top-right)

Click on E-mail Accounts

On the E-mail tap click Change

On the Change Account window click on More Settings

Select Advanced tab, then click on Add button

On the Add Mailbox window type in name of the email account you want to add (i.e. physical therapy), then click OK to add it

Save your entry by clicking on Apply then OK

On the Change Account window click Next to finish the addition

In Outlook you should now see the name of the account you just added (i.e. physical therapy)

Note: If the newly added account appears in Outlook but you do not see it's Inbox then you'll need to talk with the owner of that account to grant you access to the Inbox.

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