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Troubleshooting Unresponsive DVD/VCR/Blu Ray Players in Classrooms


Smart classroom podiums have either a DVD/VCR or a Blu Ray Player built in. These devices can be controlled via the buttons or touch panel on the top of the podium.


  • Please note that Blu Ray disks will not play on the DVD/VCR units. Neither will data CD-ROM or DVD-ROM disks.
  • Make sure you have selected the DVD/VCR or Blu Ray as the input that is being shown on the podium's monitor and projection screen.
  • If a DVD/VCR, make sure that you have selected either DVD or VCR as appropriate (there will be labelled buttons on the podium).
  • If you need to navigate through a DVD or Blu Ray menu, use the buttons or touch screen options on the podium (up, down, left, right and enter).
  • If the DVD/VCR or Blu Ray is completely responsive, check whether the IR bud (a small black bud attached to a wire) is in place on the front of the DVD/VCR or Blu Ray. This bud should be attached to the infrared sensor (the same sensor that senses remote control commands) on the front of the device. If the adhesive has failed and the bud has fallen, it can be secured temporarily with a piece of tape so it can work. Please contact the helpdesk so it can be re-adhered in the proper place.
  • Please note that the built in podium computer is also capable of playing DVDs. Using the computer allows you to more easily queue up a DVD to a particular part of the video that you want to show.

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