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Problem: Nothing Happens After Clicking on the Eyecare Icon


You can log in to and see the icon for Eyecare, but when you click on it nothing happens.


After updating your web browser, it may not run the Citrix plugin, which is necessary to access Eyecare, without you specifically telling it to.



If you are on Firefox, look for the lego-block icon to the right of the current website's URL. If you click on it, you should get a message that says "Allow to run the Citric plugin?" Click "Allow and Remember" and then try clicking on Eyecare again.

Google Chrome

If you are on Google Chrome, look for a red X to the right of the current website's URL. Click on it and choose "Always allow plug-ins on" and Done.

Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer, look at a yellow bar at the top of the browser window alerting you to a blocked plugin, choose "Click here for options" and choose "Allow Blocked Content".


On Safari, choose "Trust" when prompted.

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