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Problem: Can't Paste Email Addresses From Webmail Into Google Drive


Google Drives allow users to paste in a list of email addresses (typically separated by semicolons) to share a resource with.


After pasting a list of email addresses copied from an email in employee Outlook Webmail, and trying to send the sharing invitations, you get an error message "Sorry, could not understand the email addresses starting at [first email address]" in Google Drive.


Lists of email addresses displayed in a message in Outlook Webmail contain Unicode Character 200E, "Left-to-Right Mark", which is typically invisible and takes up no space, between the end of the email address and the semicolon. Google Drive does not recognize this character as a valid component of an email address, so they show these as invalid email addresses.


Paste the list of email addresses into a text editor (Notepad on a PC, TextEdit on a Mac). Start at the end and use the left arrow key to move through the list. As your cursor reaches the left side of each semicolon, use backspace key (PC) or Delete key (Mac). You will see no change. The invisible character has been deleted. Do this for each semicolon in your list. Then copy and paste the resulting text into Google Drive.

Sample Text

The following text contains 200E characters and will not work in Google Drive.‎;‎;

The following text does not contain 200E characters and will work in Google Drive.;;

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