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Responsibilities of a Sponsor

When you are sponsoring an account, there are some responsibilities that you are expected to fulfill. This article will cover what they are and how to perform them.

Communicating with Sponsored Individuals

You are responsible for communicating the details of the sponsorship to the sponsored individual, including the duration of the sponsorship, the reason for the sponsorship and what privileges have been extended. University Information Services will contact the individual via email to let them know how to access and configure their new account.

Reviewing Sponsorships

You can review the accounts you sponsor at any time by logging into myAccount and clicking on the Sponsorship Controls link. The default view will be all the accounts you currently sponsor. Clicking on the link in the name column will take you to a detail screen for that account where you can review the current status and request changes such as extending a sponsorship or granting/revoking access to online resources that myAccount controls (aka entitlements).

Access to Resources

A sponsored account should only have access to the resources it needs to conduct business with and no more (commonly called principle of least privilege). If a sponsored account has access to a resource they do not need, the sponsor should remove those resources in myAccount. If the account abuses access privileges, it will be disabled and you may be held accountable as the sponsor of that account.

Yearly Review

Every sponsored account will need to be reviewed yearly to make sure the sponsorship is still valid and required. As the account sponsor, you will receive an email starting 30 days before sponsorship expiration asking you to review the sponsorship. If not reviewed, additional email notifications will be sent two weeks, one week, and the last three days. If the sponsorship is not renewed, it will automatically be expired and the account will revert to it's non-sponsored state (which may include deletion of the account). It is at this point that the account is contacted, and they will have 45 days to contact the university in the event of account deletion.

When reviewing a sponsorship, open the account details page for the sponsored account and check to see that the Account and Password Status are Okay. If not, then the account may not be active or in use and should not be extended. Please contact University Information Services if there are any questions.

Organizational Account Password

If you are sponsoring any organizational accounts, you will receive the password expiration notification for the account instead of the account itself. If you are co-sponsoring with other members in your department, you will all receive the notification and you will need to coordinate who will make the password change. Like individual accounts, organizational accounts are bound by the university Password Policy.

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