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Box at Pacific Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 11-23-2015

In a process initiated by the University Technology Committee, has been selected as the university's online, secure file storage and sharing system for individual and departmental files. University Information Services has developed this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer questions you may have about this transition.

Table of Contents

How do I check who owns a Box folder?

Go into the folder and check the list of Collaborators in the top right. For more information see our article Checking Ownership of Box Content for more details.

Who will has access to Box accounts?

All current employees and students with valid PUNet IDs will get access to setup a account. Sponsored accounts will have Box accounts if the sponsor requests it (see Creating a Sponsorship Request). Organizational accounts do not have access to Box.

How long will I have my Box account?

Faculty and staff will have access to Pacific’s service while they maintain a valid Pacific email address. Students will gain access once they have deposited into a program or have been enrolled in a course and will continue to have access as long as they are currently enrolled as a student. Sponsored accounts will have access as long as the sponsorship lasts and while the sponsor specifies Box access for the account.

How do I access my account?

Use a web browser to connect to Enter your Pacific PUNet ID and password to login if you haven’t already logged into services using Single Sign-On.

Which web browsers should I use to access

Box supports the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. For best overall functionality, we recommend using the Chrome Browser. Please check the Box support site for more information on supported browsers and operating systems.

Where is my personal space versus departmental space when I log into Box?

When you first log into Box, you’ll see your “All Files”. This contains both your personal space and any folders shared with you—including folders from your department’s space. If you look at a folder’s properties and it says the owner is “Pacific University Box Administrator”, that means the folder is in departmental space.
If you want to create a folder that you know nobody else can access, when you’re in “All Files”, click the “New” button and choose folder. When you create a folder in this spot, it is by definition in your personal Box space, and others can only see it if you specifically share it with them.
For an overview of the visual cues to folder ownership, take a look at this article from Box: How Do I Create New Files and Folders.

What happens to the contents of my Box account if I am no longer affiliated with Pacific?

You will no longer have access to the contents of your Box account once your affiliation with Pacific has ended. There will be a short transition period where you may transfer your personal items to another service or transfer ownership of shared collaboration folders to another collaborator.

What Are The Different Access Levels For Collaborators?

When inviting a user as a collaborator within a folder, you will have the ability to set the level of access that user has to your content. Refer to the following this article to review the different permissions that accompany each access level.

What happens to my shared collaboration folder and files if I leave Pacific?

Shared collaboration folders and files that you are the OWNER of will be inaccessible to you and your collaborators. If you know that your Pacific account will be going away soon, you can transfer ownership of the shared collaboration folders to someone else. Please check the Box support site on transferring ownership of a folder.

Someone has left Pacific and our department and I need access

Please submit a ticket to with details of the person and files that are needed and UIS will assist users with proper authorization in recovering the files if they are still in the system.

Can I have a personal Box account?

Private Box accounts can be setup directly with using a personal (non-Pacific) email address. Pacific University information may not be stored in personal cloud storage accounts.

How do I get started with my Box Account?

Learn more about using Box in the Technology Helpdesk Knowledge Base.

Who can I share files with using my Box account? account folders or files can be shared with almost anyone depending on folder settings but each user is responsible for only sharing appropriate files with appropriate users based on Pacific policies and guidelines. Sharing files or folders with users outside Pacific may require that they setup a account and use a password that adheres to Pacific standards or specific links can be made to share files or folders.

Can I use other cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive?

You can use other storage accounts for personal files or data. Confidential Pacific files or data, such as HIPAA or FERPA protected files, should not be stored in any other cloud service but a university managed account. Pacific University managed Google Drive accounts can be used for non-confidential data. Please see our document on storing sensitive files.

How much storage space do I have on my Account?

Department and user storage spaces are unlimited but file sizes are limited by Box.

Is there a limit to the size of a single file that I can store in my Box account?

The maximum file size limit for Pacific managed account users is 5 GB.

Can I synchronize files on Box with my desktop computer?

Yes, using Box Sync, you can automatically have your files kept in sync on your desktop computer. Beware that syncing a shared folder may exceed the capacity of your local hard drive.

Can I use Box Sync on my home computer?

Pacific confidential or protected data should never be stored on personal computers. Box Sync should not be used on personal computers because Box Sync stores files locally and could compromise the security of Pacific data.

Can I access my Box account on other devices?

Box accounts can be accessed by notebooks, tablets, and smartphones using a browser or a device specific app from

Does Pacific have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) to store HIPAA protected data with Box?

Pacific has signed a BAA with However, great care should be taken to insure proper access and security controls are in place for HIPPA or any confidential information stored in

Which Box Apps can I use with my University Box account?

To maintain our protection under the BAA, the University only enables apps developed by and supported under their BAA. Requests for adding support for other apps may be sent to where they will be evaluated.

Where can I get help learning how to use

Answers to general questions about using can be found on the Box Help site which includes articles and how-to videos. A link to Box Help is shown on the lower right side of the Box web page when you are logged in. Questions specific to Pacific’s usage of can be found in the Technology Helpdesk Knowledge Base.

How should Box folders be named?

Box is subject to the normal reserved characters and words that may cause a file to be inaccessible when using Box Sync.

When folders will be shared with others, and when the folder in question is the top level folder that people will be given access to, UIS strongly suggests starting the folder name with the organizational unit that is sharing the folder. An acronym may be used if the intended audience will know what that acronym means. If being shared by an individual from their personal Box space, we suggest starting the folder with that individual's name. The benefits of naming in this way are that, first, people can easily see what person or unit shared the folder with them, second, they can easily search for folders shared with them from that source, and, third, by sorting folders in All Files alphabetically they can group all files from the same source together. This naming convention is not required by UIS, but is considered best practice.

Examples: "University Information Services - Shared Budget Information" "John Smith - Pacific University Snow Photos"

How can I transfer files from GoogleDrive to Box?

If you have the GoogleDrive app installed on your computer, you can upload files from GoogleDrive directly to Box. If you have Box open in the Chrome browser, and open your GoogleDrive window, you can even drag and drop to copy them from one place to the other. You cannot upload from GoogleDrive viewing it in a browser, though--you have to view your GoogleDrive files through the app. Note that permissions from GoogleDrive will be lost--you will need to share the files/folders again from within Box. Also if you use links to files or folders in GoogleDrive, those links will no longer work for files that are in Box.

How do I send an email notification to all Collaborators in a folder in Box?

  1. Browse to that folder
  2. Click on the Collaborators heading above the list of collaborators for that folder to go to the detailed Collaborators page for that folder
  3. Click the Mail All button at the top of the list to enter a message to be emailed to all collaborators in that folder
  4. Click Send

Where do I go for help if I’m having problems with my Account?

Please contact the Pacific Technology Helpdesk at 503-352-1500 or by email at of account related issues. Please note that the Technology Helpdesk will refer usage questions to the Box Help site.

For more information, please see the Box Introduction & Resources page.

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