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Publishing to Box via Camtasia Relay

WARNING: Publishing to Box via Camtasia Relay will be unavailable after 10/25/19. Please refer to Publishing To YouTube Via TechSmith Relay.

This article shows how to use the Camtasia Relay screen recording and publishing tool to publish a recording to Pacific University's Box file storage and shating system. For more information on Camtasia Relay see the Camtasia Relay FAQ article.

Creating Box External Password

If you do not already have one, you must create an external password in Box. This is a password that is different from your PUNet ID password that can be used to log onto Box via third party apps and services. To create an external password:

  1. Log on to Box.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right and choose Account Settings.
  3. In the Authentication section, click Edit Password.
  4. Create a password that is at least "Strong."
  5. You will use this new password when configuring Camtasia Relay to publish to Box.

Configuring Camtasia Relay Publishing Profile

Next, you must create a publishing profile in Camtasia Relay that can access your Box account.

  1. Log onto Camtasia Relay with your PUNet ID and password.
  2. Go to Profiles and Publish Account Setup at the top of the page.
  3. Go to the Box Webdav option on the left.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Authentication type: Basic
    • Domain: Leave blank.
    • Username: Enter your PUnet email address.
    • Password: Enter the Box external password that you created in the first section.
    • WebDAV folder: If you have a particular folder you want the presentation to be saved in, enter the path here. See example below. If you leave this blank, the presentation will be published to the root of your personal space in Box.
  5. Click Save below. You should receive a Green confirmation at the top of the window saying that your information has been saved.

Using the Publishing Profile

When you use the Camtasia Relay recorder you will now see a Profile option labeled "Box Webdav Profile." Select this to publish to Box. You will receive an email when your recording has been published to Box.

You will still log into Camtasia Relay with your PUNet ID and password, not with your Box external password.

Publishing to a Particular Folder Example

Say you've created a folder called "Shared" with a subfolder called "My Recordings". "Shared" is the folder you see in All Files in Box (thus, if you click on the triangle next to All File in Box you will see "Shared" is a subfolder of "All Files" and "My Recordings" is a subfolder of Shared). To publish directly to that folder, you would enter the following in the WebDAV folder:
Shared/My Recordings

You can publish to any folder you have access to, including departmental folders or folders owned by another person so long as you have permissions to add files to the folder.

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