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Technology Issues with China Travel

This article applies to Pacific University students, faculty and staff who will be traveling to China.

University Owned Computers

As a mandatory security precaution, Pacific University faculty and staff should not take their standard University issued computer with them to China. Used computers from UIS stock can be deployed for long-term checkout for use while traveling to China. Those computers should be returned to UIS immediately upon return so they can be wiped and reloaded before they are reconnected to the campus network.

Firewall Issues

Access to certain sites from within China may be blocked. Google servers are commonly blocked, and this can block access to BoxerMail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sites and other Google services.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can allow access to blocked services through China's firewall.

Pacific VPN is available, at no cost, to Pacific Faculty and Staff who are traveling to China. See our VPN knowledgebase article for more information.

Pacific VPN is not available to students (unless required by student employment for specific job related duties). Generally students do not need access to servers and devices inside Pacific’s firewall, which is what the Pacific VPN provides. Students who are US citizens and who are traveling to China may purchase a subscription to a commercial VPN service. Students should research which VPN services are currently working in China. Sample VPN subscription services include:

More Information

Security Tips for Traveling Abroad:

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