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Why do I have an address and should I use it?

Why do I have an address? address are associated with the Boxer Apps services hosted by Google. They are strictly an internal routing email address that Pacific uses to direct email to Google for those accounts that have a Boxer Mail mailbox.

Should I ever use the address?

No. While most Pacific University accounts have access to Boxer Apps, not all Boxer Apps accounts have a Google hosted Boxer Mail mailbox. Email directed to an may not reach the intended recipient. When providing your email address or sending a message to someone at Pacific University you should always and only use the address for their account.

Why do I get error messages when I try to send to a university faculty or staff member when I use the in the Boxer Mail directory?

University faculty and staff do not have Boxer Mail accounts. Please be sure to select the entry for them in the Boxer Mail directory.

Can university faculty and staff have their addresses removed from the Boxer Mail directory?

Unfortunately, Google does not allow us to remove them and they must remain in order for faculty and staff to have access to other Google G Suite serviecs.

How can we get the word out to students and alumni on Boxer Mail to let them know what email address to send to?

Faculty should always include the correct email address on their course syllabi along with any other contact information. Clients can also be directed to check the university Find People pages or the University Online Directory.

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