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Box Upload Widget embedded into Moodle

The Problem

Collecting files from multiple users has several challenges.

In a classroom scenario, the documents being sent may exceed the upload/storage limit enforce by our Moodle environment.

Email may be an inappropriate method for receiving documents, also. Not only is it time consuming to find the relevant messages and download all the attachments, but email is not a secure method for transferring documents with potentially sensitive data.

Box has good granular permissions for folders, but faculty may not be eager to spend the time inviting their students to Box folders, then learning how to properly set permissions so that students cannot access other uploaded files. The same may be true for staff inviting others to submit documents, but this article focuses on embedding the Box Upload Widget into Moodle.

Creating and Embedding the Widget

Once your Upload Widget is created, any documents submitted via the Widget will appear in the Box folder from which you have generated the Widget. An important thing to note is that a Widget can be created for a folder only by the folder's owner.

  1. Login to Box
  2. Create a folder, or use an existing folder. For existing folders, you must be the folder's owner
  3. Right-click your desired folder, select Sharing, then select Upload Embed Widget
  4. Set your desired parameters, such as the widget's dimensions, title, an optional note to uploaders, permitting uploaders to provide a description of the file , and whether or not you require an email address be provided for upload.
    Note: The email address field is not verified. The user-submitted email address may not be an actual address.
    Note: While you can give uploaders the option to add a description for their file, you cannot require a description.
  5. Click the Preview button to ensure the Widget is to your liking.
  6. If you're happy with your widget, copy the URL. Note that any changes you later make to your widget will change the URL.
  7. Login to Moodle and navigate to your course
  8. Click the "Turn editing on" button
  9. For the desired time period, click the "Add an activity or resource" button
  10. The "Add an activity or resource" window should appear. Select "Page" and click the "Add" button.
  11. Set a name for your page and a description, and then optionally add content to your page.
  12. Click the "Toggle Toolbar" button in the Page content section.
  13. Click the "Edit HTML Source" button now available.
  14. Paste your Widget's URL and save.

Remember, any changes you make the Wigdet (such as those we defined in step 4) will change the URL. You'll need to copy and paste the URL again if you make changes to the widget.

Sharing the Widget without Embedding

You can share the upload Widget with users without embedding it into webpage, such as Moodle. This may be useful for providing users outside of our organization a way to upload files securely without a Box account.

To do this, follow steps 1 through 5. When you click on the "Preview this widget" link described in step 5, a new tab or page will open in your web browser previewing the widget. This is a fully functional webpage that you can share with others. Simply copy the URL from this page and share as desired.

Box Article on the Upload Widget

Click here for the short article Box provides on the Upload Widget

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