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Known Issues with Google Groups

This article documents current known issues with using Google Groups.

myAccount buttons are not working

Some buttons do not work setting up a new group in myAccount when using my computer or mobile device.
Please see Google's list of supported browsers. If you continue to have problems, please complete the setup product on a desktop computer with a supported browser.

Google says I'm already logged into another account when I try to login to Google Groups

You may be logged into a Google account on your Android mobile device or a personal Google account in your web browser. You can resolve this by either opening a incognito window within your web browser or adding another Google account to your mobile device or browser window.

The moderated mailing list that I converted to Google Groups is allowing everyone to post messages.

The conversion process is not able to transfer the moderator settings from the mailing list to a Google Group. Please follow the instructions on how to setup moderation in the How to Convert a Mailing List to Google Groups Knowledgebase article.

For more information, please see the Google Groups Introduction & Resources page.

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