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Printer Purchasing Suggestions

Suggested Models

These are the models UIS suggests for departments who want to buy a printer outright (rather than leasing one). Please note that all printer purchases require a UIS pre-purchase consultation.

Workgroup (for situations where a printer will be shared by multiple people):

Personal (for situations where a printer will be used only by a single person):

Suggested Features for Leased MFPs

For Colleague printing, a printer must have Postscript Compatibility.

For scanning to Box, a printer should have:

  • The ability to connect to a Webdav storage destination. (Required)
  • The ability to connect to Webdav securely (via HTTPS). (Required)
  • The ability to save a Webdav credentials and destination in the address book. (Strongly Suggested)
  • The ability to choose not to save the password in the address book entry, and have it prompt the user for the password each time the address book entry it used. (Strongly Suggested)

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