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Windows 10 Feature Updates

This article documents the Windows 10 Feature Update process that is being managed as part of the Symantec Altiris Client Management System. More information on the Symantec Altiris Client Management System available here:

What is a Windows 10 Feature Update?

Microsoft releases a Feature Update for Windows 10 twice a year. This is a major update to the Windows 10 operating system. Each of these updates introduce a number of new features for the operating system.

More importantly, Microsoft has branched Windows 10 into several major revisions and will no longer be releasing security updates to older branches.

What systems will receive the update?

At this time, only systems running older versions of Windows 10 will receive the update. Other versions of Windows (i.e. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8) will not receive this update. Mac computers are not affected by this update as they do not run Windows.

Is this update mandatory?

For systems running older versions of Windows 10, yes.

What new features are available in the current Windows 10 Feature Update?

The following website has detailed some of the new features. Please be aware that some of the features may be turned off on university computers for securify purposes: Windows 10 1903 notable new features

How long does it take to apply the update?

During the update process, your computer will restart several times. The update process will run for 45 minutes or longer (depending on the speed of your system) and you will not be able to use your system during this process. Save your work and close applications before starting the update process.

How do I start the update?

Before January 2nd
1) Open Symantec Software Portal – there is an icon on your desktop that looks like the following image

2) Log in with your PUNet ID and Password
3) Scroll down to “Windows 10 Upgrade – 1903” and click on the button to install
After you click on the installer the job will be sent to your computer within about 5 minutes.

After January 2nd
Any machine that has not been updated yet will have the update automatically sent to your computer, as a windows patch policy. Once it has finished installing the Symantec Management Agent will pop up a window asking to restart. At this point any shutdown or restart with start the update installation.

The Symantec prompt, shown below, will appear once a day and can be postponed for 1 day, after that the computer will force a restart.


A few things that have been reported to UIS about this update:
1) Your desktop image will be set to the windows default image.
2) After updating to 1903 you will receive additional patches from our system for the 1903 operating system and need to restart within 24 hours.
3) You may notice an additional flood of notifications in the windows notification center (bottom right hand corner of your primary desktop.) These will subside after a couple minutes.
4) If you use the windows server remote administrator tools, they will need to be reinstalled.

When will I receive the update?

The update is available now in the self server software portal and will be sent to any computer not updated on January 2nd.

What should I do if my update fails?

If your update fails, please send an email to with the subject line "My Windows 10 Update failed". We will take steps to minimize the inconvenience and work with you to solve the problem.

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