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UI 5 Introduction & Resources

UI 5 is the standard user interface to access the Colleague (by Ellucian) system.

Before You Start

  • Use Chrome. For a desktop shortcut that will open directly in Chrome (even if you don't use Chrome as your default browser), download the zip file from Box here Right-click the zip file, and then choose "Extract all..." Then you can move the shortcut from the folder it's in onto your desktop.

  • Enable popups for

  • If you use adblocking software for your browser, disable it for

Getting Started With UI 5

  • View this short video to get all the basics for using UI 5:

  • In order to keep up with security best practices, UI 5 will not be available from off-campus unless you are using the university's secure virtual private network (VPN). If you anticipate needing to use UI 5 from off-campus, please follow the steps documented in the Pacific University VPN remote access article.

Additional Resources

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