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UI 5 Troubleshooting and Known Issues

This article documents current known issues with Colleague UI 5


First, make sure you've done all of the "Before You Start" activities in the UI 5 Introduction & Resources article.

If you continue to have the same problem, review the Known Issues below.

If your issue is not listed there, log out of UI, and try the following. They are listed in order of how common an issue it might be, so you can try them one at a time, in case the most common one solves your problem:

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Make sure javascript is enabled for

If you continue to have issues, send a message to and please be specific about any error messages you might receive, the form ("mnemonic") you were using, the record(s) you were accessing, etc. Screen shots can be very helpful.

Known Issues

General Issues

  • Tabbing through screens too quickly will result in "freezing" or "processing please wait" message. Please do not leave the form. Wait until it returns. Take a screen shot and send it to, and tell us what mnemonic you were on and what you were updating. The system will typically take 5-15 minutes to return--sometimes longer. You can start a new UI 5 session, but do not try to access the record you were working on until the "frozen" screen returns. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • In some cases, "typing over" existing data in a field will not save properly. The data in the field must first be removed using field delete, and in some cases must be saved after doing so, before entering the new value into the field. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Hitting Save or Save All from a form without leaving the field you've modified will not save the changes. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Ctrl-Alt-D sometimes does not clear the field content.
  • If you change data in a field which you then detail from without hitting enter first, the data will revert back to what it was before. You must hit the enter key after changing the data, before detailing.
  • Adding rows to a numbered window sometimes fails. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Calendar button does not always work. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Ctrl-F9 key functionality not available.
  • Sorting is not available on a grid-type resolution screen. Try switching to card view to sort your results, if possible. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Dropdown lists of codes may extend beyond the size of the screen. You may need to resize or "zoom" the UI form in order to see the full dropdown. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • When in a lookup on a fresh (empty) screen, hitting the tab key to exit the lookup will bring up the lookup again, rather than canceling to the main menu as it did in UI 4.x. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • If a name is longer than 20 characters, it will be truncated on the context card, with an ellipse at the end ("..."). However, unlike other elements on the context card that get truncated, there is currently no way to hover or click and view the full name. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • During lookups on any screen, an error message starting with "Invalid context..." may appear. If this happens, please send an email message to and state that you received the "invalid context" error message in UI 5. There is a process IT will need to run, and then you will be asked to log out of UI and log into a new UI session once that is IT process is complete.
  • In multi-valued (aka "windowed") fields, after entering data in a field in a new row, you may be returned to the first row, rather than advancing you to the next row. This typically happens if you click with your mouse in the field, rather than hitting enter to go to the next row. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Exporting to Excel does not work properly unless you click in the first field on the first row before exporting. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • If you change the form scale (using the slider on the left side of the UI window), and then detail to another form, you may lose your form scale settings. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Lookup resolutions, using card view, cannot be set to show fewer than 8 records per page. However, there is not enough room on the page to view all 8, so you need to scroll within each page. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • If you are adding a favorite, and try to create more than one "layer" of new folder at the same time, the folders will not get created. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Using the print screen functionality results in the form not printing cleanly. The exact problems vary among browsers. (This will be fixed for all but Internet Explorer in UI 5.4)
  • In some cases, if you select multiple records on a resolution screen to open, only some of the selected records will be included. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • Pasting text into fields that use the multi-line editor (such as detailing into comment fields to paste text) can introduce extra spaces. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)

Issues with Specific Forms

  • Various forms that allow users to enter blocks of text will force line breaks when the line exceeds the screen width. This can result in bad formatting for things like award letters and Communications Management email messages. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
    • DPAR
    • ALPA
  • Moving between grade fields and entering grades on the following forms can be slow. (This will be fixed on UI 5.4):
    • FGCL
    • MGCL
    • FGRN
    • MGRN
  • Using the Delete or Backspace key doesn't work consistently on the following forms (use Ctrl + Alt + D as a workaround). (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
    • SRES
    • TEEV
  • Using "partial lookup" (i.e. "...") to look up AR Types causes problems on the following forms. This has been fixed on an update we haven't yet installed (EDS ref SU 017622):
    • CADV
    • PPLN
  • BPUM: Using the Delete key to blank out the Qty Accepted field and then clicking ok can result in the "Please wait... Processing... " message appearing for 3-13 minutes before releasing the form back to the user. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • CREN: Multiple issues have been found with this form. These have been fixed on an update we haven't yet installed (EDS ref SU 017622).
  • DOC: After detailing to DPAR and detailing to enter paragraph text, if you enter a line with no spaces that is longer than the allowed width in the paragraph editor screen, saving out will freeze your UI session. This most typically happens if you're working with an HTML email document, and you're entering a URL hyperlink that is very long. If this happens, call someone in EDS to safely end your UI session before closing your browser and logging in again. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • FGRN (These will be fixed in UI 5.4):
    • The final and verified grade will not be saved for the last student in the list. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
    • The calendar date chooser tool does not work consistently. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • GLYE: This form will display the Please Wait... Processing message for extended periods of time, multiple times throughout the process, appearing as though "frozen". Some dialog boxes may appear to "loop" repeatedly. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • PCIN: When accessing PCIN via EMPD (EMPL->EMPR->EMPD), if you try to enter a phone number under Address Phone Number, it will appear as though it is allowing you to do so. However, what is entered will not be saved. This is as intended: the form is inquiry only. However, it should not allow you to seem to enter a number anywhere on the form. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • PLDT: Under Response Errors, the detail buttons overlap the field. This is a display issue only. The detail buttons still function, and the error status is still visible behind the detail button.
  • REQM:
    • The form will not retain a customized zoom after detailing to line items or approvals. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
    • Certain printed comments that get entered will cause the session to crash (resulting in an apparent "freeze"). (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • RGUS, RGUD, RGUT: Cannot detail from RGUD to RGUT even by hitting the F2 detail key. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • RLDE: Long values in the Right-hand Expression field may appear to get truncated. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • SACD: Grade change must be entered twice in order to be saved.
  • SACP: Entering an end date may lead the form to "hang" with the message "Please Wait... Processing...". (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • SECT: Certain workflows with changing Min/Max/Incr settings for variable credit courses can fail to update the fields without clearly indicating the change was not made. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • SLCR: If the select statement takes longer than a few minutes to complete, the status message ("Please Wait... Executing select statement") may disappear, leading the user to believe the session has frozen or dropped. If this happens, let the process continue to run. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • SOFF:
    • If you enter Y in Rebuild Calendar you must hit the enter key before saving from the form. If you hit Save or Save All without first hitting enter, you will unable to override conflicts correctly on SCCR if you need to do so, resulting in an incomplete rebuilding of the calendar schedules records. Note--If you do forget to hit enter before saving and wind up with conflicts on SCCR that need to be overridden, just go back to SOFF again and enter Y to Rebuild Calendar again. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
    • If you need to remove meeting times and days from an existing section, it will not allow you to update from the record after rebuilding the calendar. The workaround is to enter Y to rebuild the calendar, press OK to accept the warning message, detail to SESC, press OK in the prompt without entering anything, Save All from SESC and click Update to return to SOFF, and then Save or Save All from SOFF, and press OK to the warning prompt. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • SRES: Using a custom field sequence for this form can cause it to display the "Please Wait..." message and freeze the session. (This will be fixed in UI 5.4)
  • TMSS: The "Highest Process Date" field has text that says "was on file" overlaying the field, itself. This is only a display annoyance, and the form can be used as normal. (This has been fixed in the update for 2018/2019 ISIR & INAS\PROFILE Processing. This fix should take effect once we've installed this update into the production system.)

Note: UI 5.4 is scheduled to be live in the spring.

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