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UI 5 Troubleshooting and Preventing Problems

This article documents current known issues with Colleague UI 5


First, make sure you've done all of the "Before You Start" activities in the UI 5 Introduction & Resources article.

General Guidelines

Use Chrome. Chrome has the most reliable, consistent and generally fastest performance of any of the browsers for Colleague UI.

Use Chrome in incognito mode for Colleague UI. If you don't see the label near the top right of your window that says "Incognito", you're not actually in incognito mode. See this article on Google Support for using incognito mode .

Disable auto-fill. Chrome's built-in autofill features can interact with Colleague UI. Note that using incognito mode does not disable the autofill feature.

Press the Enter key after entering data in any field. Don't just enter data and then click into another field. Always press the Enter key before leaving the field you're in, if you've modified any data. Pressing the Enter key triggers a number of critical processing steps for checking data integrity, formatting and preserving what you've entered. Skipping this step can result in your data being lost, or being stored in an incorrect format.

Do not "type ahead". Similar to the Enter key, as you enter data, there is processing going on behind the scenes as you move from one field to another. If you attempt to "type ahead", some or all of what you enter could get lost, ignored, or not processed properly. Don't start typing until you actually see the cursor in the field you're intending to enter data in.

Doing the three things above can prevent many problems users may experience in Colleague UI.

If you are currently experience an odd symptom--particularly with data entry--and are not stuck in the middle of running a process or report, log out of UI, and try the following. They are listed in order of how common an issue it might be, so you can try them one at a time, in case the most common one solves your problem:

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Make sure javascript is enabled for (and for if you're using a test environment).

If you continue to have issues after trying the above, send a message to and please be specific about any error messages you might receive, the form ("mnemonic") you were using, the record(s) you were accessing, etc. Screen shots can be very helpful.

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