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Scanning to Email on Pharos Copiers


This document gives instructions on scanning to email from the Xerox Pharos copiers on the Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Eugene campuses. All faculty, students and staff may utilize this function.


  1. If the copier is in energy saver mode, press the Energy Saver button.
  2. Press Alternate Login on the upper right of the touch screen.
  3. Enter your PUNet ID and password. You can use the pull-out (rather than touch screen) keyboard, but will have to use the green OK button on the touch screen rather than the enter key on the keyboard.
  4. Press the Services Home button.
  5. Press Email on the touch screen.
  6. To add yourself as the recipient of the email, press Add me…. Otherwise, use the options presented here to add the email addresses of your recipients.
  7. Place the document to be scanned on the glass or in the document feeder.
  8. On this screen you can change how the document will be scanned (e.g. black and white versus color) and what the name of the file and/or subject line of the email will be.
  9. When you are ready to copy, press the green Start button.
  10. To log out, press the Log in/Out button and then press Logout on the touch screen.
  11. Sometimes scanned documents go to junk mail, so be sure to check your Junk Mail folder in Outlook or Webmail.

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