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Service Level Agreement for Computer Lab Support

Some Pacific University computer labs are managed entirely by the Technology Helpdesk. Others are for the exclusive use of the students and faculty of a particular department and are managed by a computer lab manager in those departments. For these departmental managed labs, the Technology Helpdesk offers two levels of support:

Basic Support

This includes the following.

  • Purchasing: Like all computers, lab computers should be purchased via UIS and must be one of our supported models.
  • Imaging & Reimaging: Lab computers will be imaged with our standard software image (software and settings) before being delivered to the lab administrator. If a computer stops working correctly for what seems to be software or operating-system related reasons, UIS will reimage that computer to the standard software image. It is the responsibility of the lab manager to install any software, and to set any settings, not included in our standard image. Standard imaging includes putting computers on the domain (allowing PUNet ID holders to log in as themselves).
  • Repair and Replacement: UIS will manage the repair of faulty hardware or replacement of broken computers. Note that any repair or replacement costs not covered by warranty are the financial responsibility of the department managing the lab.
  • Patch Management (PCs only): Patches to the Windows operating system and standard software (see full list here) are pushed to all Windows computers.

Client Management Assisted Support

This includes the following.

For Mac Labs:

  • Software Installation: Any software that can be successfully deployed using our default packaging tools, and for which valid licensing exists, can be pushed to managed Macs. Usually there are no issues deploying third party applications. Software that cannot be packaged and deployed using those tools is responsibility of the departmental lab manager.
  • Settings: A large variety of settings are available for easy customization of lab computers, including security, look and feel of the machine, etc.
  • Automation: Many tasks and settings can be automated in a managed lab environment. An example is -ongoing Domain registration, where a Mac lab machine is automatically added back to the domain in the event it drops off (preventing a common issue which can make computers inaccessible by students).
  • Self Service Portal: Some customized application settings, file sets, etc. can be made available to users via a self service portal.
  • Patch Management: The system allows for automated updates selected software titles including MS Office and the Adobe Suite. Important operating system patches can also be pushed out to lab computers.
  • User Profile Management: User profiles can be removed or added, and automation and restrictions can be deployed to users, if needed.
  • User Customization: User experience can be customized in a number of ways, including pre-loaded preferences and plug-ins as well as appearance and interactive features of the User Profile.
  • In Place Imaging and Support: A computer can be imaged or re-imaged in the lab, as needed, to deal with known problems with that computer. UIS staff can also service a lab computer remotely.
  • Centralized Reporting and Alerts: Many alerts and reports can be set for lab machines, for example an alert when hard drives near being full, that can go to the lab manager.

Note that for Mac Client Management Assisted Support, the department must pay the ongoing costs for a JAMF (client management system) license for each computer, which would be $16 per year per computer. For lab images where Microsoft Office is utilized, the department may need to pay for an upgrade to the latest Microsoft Office for lab computers.

All requests for software deployment and service must meet UIS guidelines and standards. Service for malfunctioning computers is treated as per our normal service level agreement for computer support. Requests to install software, change settings, or create new automations or reports should be made at least a month before these are needed. To avoid problems, cosmetic and ease-of-use related requests will generally be fulfilled during summer or winter breaks, rather than in the middle of a term.

For PC Labs

Coming soon.

Requesting Lab Support

Email to request Helpdesk lab support.

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