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Box Google Suite Integration

Using the Google Suite in Box


Box and Google have partnered together to integrate G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides) with Box. This integration provides you with the ability to create, collaborate, and auto save your G Suite documents directly within Box.

Differences from Other Box File Types

  • Editing is done in the G Suite (Docs, Sheets or Slides) web interface (rather than with Box Edit or the Box Notes web interface). Changes are automatically saved to Box.
  • As with Box Notes, multiple people can edit a Doc, Sheet or Slide simultaneously without overwriting other participants' changes.
  • Version history is available in the G Suite web interface (as well as in Box).
  • Microsoft Office files can be imported into the G Suite editors, allowing them to be treated as G Suite files. (This feature is currently a Google beta).

Differences from non-Box G Suite Files

Creating, editing and sharing G Suite files through Box is different from doing so via a Google account in the following ways:

  • Files show up in your Box folders, but not in your Google Drive.
  • Inviting others to access the files is done through the Invite Collaborators and Shared Link system you use for other files and folders within Box (rather than with the normal Google sharing system).
  • Version history is available in Box (as well as in the G Suite web interface).

These files will not show up in and cannot be accessed via Box Sync.

Content Creation

  1. Log on to Box

  2. Select "new" from the upper right

  3. Select the type of document for creation (Docs, Slides, Sheets) and name it

  4. Document should open in a new window (make sure pop-up blocker is disabled)

  5. Any changes you make to the document will auto save to Box

Google Login Requirement

The system will prompt you to log in to Google (use your Pacific Email Address), and then to accept the integration. You will be asked to this whenever:

  • you do this for the very first time

  • any time you clear your browser cache

  • any time you open a new browser session

In some cases, you may experience a bug that will prompt you to sign in 2-3 times. Ultimately, it should allow you to proceed after clicking sign in on the second or third try.

Authentication Error Troubleshooting

If Google files give you an authentication error:

  1. Sign out of all Google accounts

  2. Sign out of Box

  3. Sign back into Box

  4. Follow these directions: Integrating with Google Docs Troubleshooting

Detailed Box for G Suite detailed instructions

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