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Accessing Creative Cloud 2019 Apps in Marsh LL21

The Marsh LL21 computer lab features the Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 apps. However, this version of creative cloud requires Adobe accounts to use. There are two ways of logging in:

Personal Adobe Account


You can create a free personal Adobe account based on your Pacific email address, or any other email address you own. You can do this by going to and clicking the Get an Adobe ID link. You can also do this from the login page when you first open one of the Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 apps in LL21. You will have to create a password for this account and you should not use your PUNet ID password.

Logging In

To use this account, go to any computer in Marsh LL21 and log onto the computer with your PUNet ID and password. Next, open any Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 app on that computer. A “Sign In” page will appear. Sign in with the email address and the password you created for your personal adobe account.

If your email address is associated with both a personal Adobe account and a Pacific Single-Sign-On account (see below) you will be asked to choose “Adobe ID” or “Enterprise ID”. To log in as a personal account, choose “Adobe ID.”

You will then be allowed to use the program.

Gaining Access to Cloud Storage Based Services

Before you can access services such as XD, Lightroom in the Cloud, Premiere Rush, Cloud Storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark using your personal Adobe ID, that ID must be registered with us. If you are using Creative Cloud apps under the instruction of a faculty member, let that faculty member know what your Adobe account email address is. If you are not using Creative Cloud apps under the direct instruction of a faculty member, email and let the Helpdesk know your email address associated with your Adobe account and let us know you’d like to use the Creative Cloud apps.

Pacific Single-Sign-On Account

The ability to sign in to Creative Cloud apps with PUNet ID and password alone is coming soon.

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