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Problem: Getting No Emails from Box


You do not receive any emails from Box, including emails from folder notifications you have set up, from @ comments directed to you in the file activity pane, nor when people add you as a collaborator to a file or folder.


Email addresses sometimes accidentally and incorrectly end up on Box's list of email addresses that cannot receive mail. Once on the list, Box will not send any email to that address. There is no way for users or UIS tech support to see when an email is on that list.


To have your email addresses removed from Box’s bad email list, submit a case to their tech support, which you could do (from a browser logged in to your Box account) on this page:

Suggested text for your support case is as follows:

“I am not receiving any emails from Box. When I try to reset my password external applications, when people share files with me, and when I receive @ notifications I do not receive emails. I have checked my junk mail folder. Please check to see if my email address is on a list of email addresses Box is not currently sending to.”

You should receive a message from them, usually within a day, when they fix the problem.

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