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How to Access a Picture Roster of Your Students/Advisees


This article instructs Faculty how to access picture rosters.

Accessing Rosters:

  1. Log on to myAccount (
  2. To access a photo roster of advisees, click on Advising on the left hand side.
  3. To access a photo roster of students, click on Course Schedule on the left, then click on the name of the class.

Useful Tips:

  • While looking at a course roster, click the link titled export these students to get a spreadsheet containing the student ID numbers, PUNet IDs and name of the students in the roster. This spreadsheet will not have pictures.
  • To obtain a physical copy, use your web browser's print function. Printing in Landscape mode will result in larger pictures but may use more paper.

If You Have Further Questions:

  • If a course you are teaching does not show up, you may not yet have been entered as the instructor of record in Datatel/BoxerOnline.
  • See Contacting Support

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