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How Departments Lease a MFP (Large Copier/Printer)

Many departments at Pacific use large multifunction printers (MFPs) for network printing, scanning to email, and sometimes faxing. Currently, these machines are being leased by Pacific Office Automation, who handle support and maintenance. The process for a department that wants to get an MFP is:

  1. The department contacts Pacific Office Automation and also Purchasing to lease a new MFP. No permission from UIS is needed/given.
  2. UIS can be consulted on a proposed model to determine if it is compatible with Datatel printing (is PostScript compatible).
  3. If the department desires fax functionality, they should create a help ticket to consult with UIS' telecom expert to make sure the right type of phone line can be placed in the space where the MFP will go.
  4. A call ticket should be put in to let UIS' TOPS group know when there is a delivery date, so that networking can be arranged and scan-to-email functionality can be setup.

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