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Technology Purchasing: Lifecycle Replacements

Priorities and Funding

UIS maintains a budget for replacement of computers that are too old for their current usage. UIS funding is limited and priority is given for the primary computers of full time university employees as well as computers in heavily used student labs. UIS recommends these computers be replaced when they are four years old.

UIS divides available lifecycle replacement funds between major areas within the university based on the number of known high-priority-for-replacement computers in each area. Although UIS makes suggestions about which computers to replace, areas have leeway to use funds to replace non-suggested computers. There are two categories of computers that cannot be replaced via UIS lifecycle replacement funds: grant funded computers and computers that were granted an exception to UIS computer growth rules under the understanding that they would not be eligible for UIS-funded lifecycle replacements.

Other Replacement Options

When a department deems a computer in need of lifecycle replacement but UIS funds are not available, there are two primary options to replace that computer:

  • Use other funds (including departmental budget funds, grant funds, startup funds).
  • Request a bumpdown.

Bumpdowns are computers that are used but are still in fairly good shape that have been returned to UIS as part of the lifecycle replacement process. Bumpdowns are requested as part of the lifecycle replacement ordering process. When evaluating a bumpdown request, UIS looks to see if there is a computer available in stock that would provide a significant improvement in performance and reliability over the computer currently in use. Bumpdowns are generally sufficient for situations where a computer is not used heavily or where the work done on a computer does not require a lot of memory or processor speed.

Replaced Computers

When any computer is replaced by UIS, either with a new computer or with a bumpdown, UIS will take the computer that has been replaced away. Depending on the age and condition of the computer, UIS may elect to recycle the computer, donate it, keep it as a spare or redeploy it as a bumpdown.

Computer Sales or Gifts

UIS does not have any means to sell used computers to employees, or to gift employees with their computer when they leave the university. Privacy policies and licensing restrictions on our standard software make this transfer of computers for personal use unworkable. Departments who want to give outgoing employees a gift are encouraged to process a cash honorarium through HR.


In February of each year, UIS sends computer inventory sheets to the contacts for each major area. The contacts gather corrections and changes and send those back to UIS.

In April, UIS gives each major area a corrected inventory, a budget and a menu of UIS-supported computers that can be bought with those funds. The complete order for each major area is sent back to UIS by early May.

Computers arrive, are asset tagged and imaged in June. The bulk of lifecycle replacements are made in late June and in July and August.

Bumpdown requests are evaluated and approved requests are deployed in October.

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