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Technology Purchasing: Asset Tagging

What Is Tagged

All university owned technology devices should be given an asset tag sticker, and entered into the UIS maintained property database, if any of the following are true:

  • The technology has a total cost (including installation, software, training, shipping) of $5,000 or more.
  • The technology may be eligible for UIS funded replacement (all computers and workgroup laser printers)
  • The technology has the potential ability to connect to the wired or wireless networks.
  • The technology is deemed by the department using it to be at significant risk for theft or loss.

When qualifying items are purchased by a non-UIS department, the purchasers should contact UIS for tagging.

Technology donated to the university should be asset tagged if it meets any of the qualifications listed above.

Information Recorded

UIS makes every attempt to record the following information in its asset database:

  • Serial number
  • Asset tag number
  • Employee responsible (this is the university staff or faculty member most responsible for the care, storage and usage of this item).
  • The type of equipment.
  • If a computer, how it is used (e.g. as the primary computer of an employee, as a public use station, in a research lab, etc.)
  • The company the equipment was bought from
  • The PO number, where available
  • The cost of the item
  • The estimated date when the item will have to be replaced
  • The department using the item
  • Non-tagged accessories
  • Specially installed software
  • Ownership history
  • The location where the item is typically kept
  • The MAC addresses (if this is a device with network connectivity)
  • The manufacturer, make and model

Fixed Assets

UIS uses special "fixed asset" asset tags for any technology with a total cost (including installation, software, training, shipping) of $5,000 or more. The tags numbers are prefixed with an F. UIS has additional responsibilities for reporting changes in the disposition of these devices to the Business Office.


When the location or person responsible for an asset tagged item is changed, the department holding that item is responsible for notifying UIS of the change in order to update the asset database. This is most easily done by Contacting the Helpdesk.

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